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Success Projects
Major Ergonomics, Health and Safety, Wellness Management and HR Projects in Hong Kong and Overseas by Our Consultants

  • Ergonomics Mock-up Workstation and Workspace Evaluation for a New Office and Recommend the Most Suitable Furniture, Workplace Setting and Environment
  • Write the Professional Production Guidelines and Industrial Safety Manual for Film Industry, Hong Kong Filmmakers Association
  • Apply Ergonomics and OHS Principles to Create the Best Work Environment and Operational Efficiency in the Telephone Contact Center
  • Ergonomics Workplace Assessments for Injury Prevention: Workplaces including Control Room, Facilities Management Office, Registration Office, Special Design Workstation, Traffic Booths, etc.
  • Office Furniture Ergonomics Training to Office Furniture Company
  • Office Ergonomics Evaluation and Training for IT Department
  • Workstation Assessment and Office Ergonomics Program for Injury Prevention
  • Stretching Exercise and Office Ergonomics Program for a Local Bank
  • Stretching Exercise program for Crane Operators in the Container Terminal
  • Manual Handling Risk Management Project for Injury Prevention - Biscuits Manufacturing Company
  • Manual Tasks Risk Assessment of Handling Books in University Library
  • Manual Tasks Risk Management of Warehouse in China
  • Promote Stretching Exercises to Enhance Staff Wellness
  • Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Health and Aged Care Industry
  • First Aid Program and Promotion
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Office Ergonomics and Healthy Computing Training
  • Ergonomics Workload Analysis for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Major Hospital in South Australia
  • Investigation of Pre-employment Screening and Safety Management System in Adelaide, Australia and Hong Kong
  • Hazard Management and Machinery Safety in a New Manufacturing Site
  • Hazard Management of Powered Forklift Truck Operations
  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment of Straddle Driving and Lashing/Unlashing Task in the Container Terminal
  • Incident Investigation in Work Safety Management – for a Construction Company
  • Investigation of the Risk of Lung Cancer from Work in Foundries
  • Building Fire Safety and Dangerous Goods Handling Review in Factory Site
  • Plant Risk Assessment in Biscuit Manufacturing Operations
  • Noise Management and Noise Induced Hearing Loss Project in a Manufacturing Site
  • Reducing Error and Accident through Design of Powered Forklift
  • Examination of Ergonomics Tool Assumptions, Limitations and Utility for Manual Handling
  • Total Injury Management Recording and Reporting System (Computer Software Program)
  • Global Pandemic Plan for Prevention and Internal Control for a Corporation
  • Company, OSH and Human Resources Handbook/Policies and Internal Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation

Research and Publication:

Ergonomics Workload Analysis for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Food Services in the Health Sector, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Annual Conference 2006, Australia (Download a Copy)

Winning Telebet Centre Design: Apply Participatory Ergonomics to Promote Work Health & Safety, Employee Wellness and Operational Efficiency (The Hong Kong Jockey Club), 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (August 2009), International Ergonomics Association

Hong Kong Filmmakers Professional Production  Guidelines  and  Industrial  Safety  Manual  2010  香港電影工作者專業製作指引及安全手冊 2010, published  by  the  Hong Kong  Filmmakers  Association

Chim, J, The FITS Model Office Ergonomics Program: A model for best practice, WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation. (article is conditionally accepted for publication)

Chim, J, Musculoskeletal disorders among office employees in Hong Kong and best practice office ergonomics solutions (accepted for oral presentation in Eighth International Conference on Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in 2013 in Busan, Korea)

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