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Success Projects
Major Ergonomics, Health and Safety, Wellness Management and HR Projects in Hong Kong and Overseas by Our Consultants

  • Ergonomics Mock-up Workstation and Workspace Evaluation for a New Office and Recommend the Most Suitable Furniture, Workplace Setting and Environment
  • Write the Professional Production Guidelines and Industrial Safety Manual for Film Industry, Hong Kong Filmmakers Association
  • Apply Ergonomics and OHS Principles to Create the Best Work Environment and Operational Efficiency in the Telephone Contact Center
  • Ergonomics Workplace Assessments for Injury Prevention: Workplaces including Control Room, Facilities Management Office, Registration Office, Special Design Workstation, Traffic Booths, etc.
  • Office Furniture Ergonomics Training to Office Furniture Company
  • Office Ergonomics Evaluation and Training for IT Department
  • Workstation Assessment and Office Ergonomics Program for Injury Prevention
  • Stretching Exercise and Office Ergonomics Program for a Local Bank
  • Stretching Exercise program for Crane Operators in the Container Terminal
  • Manual Handling Risk Management Project for Injury Prevention - Biscuits Manufacturing Company
  • Manual Tasks Risk Assessment of Handling Books in University Library
  • Manual Tasks Risk Management of Warehouse in China
  • Promote Stretching Exercises to Enhance Staff Wellness
  • Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Health and Aged Care Industry
  • First Aid Program and Promotion
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Office Ergonomics and Healthy Computing Training
  • Ergonomics Workload Analysis for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Major Hospital in South Australia
  • Investigation of Pre-employment Screening and Safety Management System in Adelaide, Australia and Hong Kong
  • Hazard Management and Machinery Safety in a New Manufacturing Site
  • Hazard Management of Powered Forklift Truck Operations
  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment of Straddle Driving and Lashing/Unlashing Task in the Container Terminal
  • Incident Investigation in Work Safety Management – for a Construction Company
  • Investigation of the Risk of Lung Cancer from Work in Foundries
  • Building Fire Safety and Dangerous Goods Handling Review in Factory Site
  • Plant Risk Assessment in Biscuit Manufacturing Operations
  • Noise Management and Noise Induced Hearing Loss Project in a Manufacturing Site
  • Reducing Error and Accident through Design of Powered Forklift
  • Examination of Ergonomics Tool Assumptions, Limitations and Utility for Manual Handling
  • Total Injury Management Recording and Reporting System (Computer Software Program)
  • Global Pandemic Plan for Prevention and Internal Control for a Corporation
  • Company, OSH and Human Resources Handbook/Policies and Internal Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation


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