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Thank you for creating a healthy and safe workplace......


" ..... The computing and stretching exercise trainings were well-received by our employees. The acquired skills of healthy computing and stretching exercises can be readily applied in their work environment. The program was beneficial to our 1,500+ employees. We really appreciate the positive results of the Program designed by Chim's ESL."

Head of Remuneration, Bank

".....We have found the information and recommendations outlined in your report to be valuable in assisting management and staff in the introduction of change to a number manual handling practices and repetitive tasks that could result in injury to our staff......It is also important to mention the positive relationships you have developed whilst working within the department, your friendly professional manner created an environment in which staff were happy to work openly with you, which has contributed to the quality of the information you received for your report."

Chief Food Services Manager, Hospital

"The staff with whom you contact were happy to assist because of your relaxed and friendly approach to them. I thank you for this and am sure that this has contributed to the interest of staff in your research, and the high quality of the final report."

Site Manager, Aged Care Home

 ".....Justine has undertaken the very difficult task of establishing OHS & HR policies and procedures, developing the OHS and injury management systems, undertaking risk assessments, providing training, and dealing with the multitude of issues involved with establishing a new business with enthusiasm and diligence."

General Manager, Manufacturing Plant

A fiberglass piping manufacturing company in South Australia

".....The quality of the report, including layout and graphics in addition to the level of research undertaken, is a testament to Justine's commitment to the project and would no doubt be a reflection of Justine's efforts and attitudes toward anything she would undertaken on a day to day basis."

Human Resources Manager, Transporation  Corporation (Australia)


"....I have found her to be dependable, conscientious and thoroughly competent. In handling projects, she has been able to maintain effective follow up and deliver the target results and was effective in her coordination of various parties in making projects into reality."

Human Resources Director, Transporation Corporation 

 " developed a good relationship with factory personnel which was critical in obtaining information about job procedures and produced work of a high standard."

Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator,

Biscuits Manufacturing Corporation (South Australia)

"Throughout the project Justine demonstrated a careful, considerate, professional and thorough approach and was particularly effective in ensuring full consultation. She coordinated all project activities and liaised with all levels of University employees independently. In my role as Ergonomics Advisor to the University, I consider the quality of the report to be highly professional, technically accurate and readily understood by its audience/users."

Ergonomics Advisor, University in Australia

"Justine demonstrated a natural aptitude for the application of the principles of ergonomics in practice. This has been demonstrated in particular through the two projects Justine has undertaken. In both cases theses project involved undertaking observations and interviews with workers to assess injury risks and barriers to performance, and making recommendations regarding the control of injury risks and performance improvements."


Certified Professional Ergonomist, Australia

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