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1) FITS Office Ergonomics Program & Display Screen Equipment Assessment
STOP! What can Make Me Hurt so much?    
FITS Office Ergonomics Program & Display Screen Equipment Assessment
Chim's Ergonomics & Safety focused on promoting employees’ well-being and workplace health. The comprehensive office ergonomics program assists your company to create the best workplace by using the most suitable ergonomics considerations and healthy and safety applications.

The FITS TM Office Ergonomics Program has been developed by our Principal Consultant, Ms. Justine Chim, which draws on previous research findings as well as the legislative requirements for promoting the health and safety of workers using computers for extended periods. The Model is developed according to the practical industrial knowledge in ergonomics, occupational health and safety management, and human resources management in Hong Kong and overseas.

FITS TM Office Ergonomics Program (by Chim's Ergonomics and Safety Limited)
F: Furniture Evaluation & Selection
I: Individual Workstation Assessment
T: Training & Education
S: Stretching Exercise & Rest Break

(Ms. Justine Chim, Principal Consultant, received the Outstanding Ergonomics Practitioner Award by Hong Kong Ergonomics Society. The awarded project was "FITS TM Office Ergonomics Program")
Repetitive motion injuries are the most common type of complaint of office employees. Ideal workspace layout design, workstation adjustability, change of task or minibreaks and effective work injury management program are important strategies to ergonomic stress reduction and staff absenteeism management due to musculoskeletal injuries/discomfort.

There is no one solution fit all. Ergonomics is fitting the task and design to human. Free initial onsite visit by experienced ergonomist is provided to walkthrough review the current office layout and work environment setting. The tailored made office ergonomics program can be offered to safeguard your employees’ well-being. Our Office ergonomics and wellness consultancy services include but not limited to the following:
  • FITS TM Office Ergonomic Program
  • Office Ergonomics Workstation Assessment (Display Screen Equipment Workstation Assessment) 
  • Prevention Strategies on body discomfort or Musculoskeletal Disorders of Prolonged Using Computer
  • Office Furniture Selection and Workstation Layout Design
  • Office Storage and Environmental Design
  • Workload Assessment
  • Office Ergonomics Training
  • Healthy Office Systems of Work
  • Wellness Program Formulation
  • Stretching Exercise
  • Conduct Health Survey  

In the computing task, there are certain things that can lead to fatigue, discomfort, pain or even chronic disease when you do them repeatedly or without breaks in an inappropriate workstation setup. 

Now, please do a quick review of your health condition:
  • How often do you physically exhausted after work?
  • Have you ever had any pain or discomfort during the last year that you believe is related to your computing work?
  • Which part of your body suffering from aches, stiffness, numbness or even burning sensations? Back? Neck? Shoulders? Forearms? Wrists?
  • How much medical cost due to improper workstation setup and unhealthy postures?
  • How much the company may liable for compensation?
  • When was the last workstation risk assessment at your current work environment by trained ergonomics consultant?
  • Have you consulted ergonomics consultant to review your workstation setup?

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