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5) Furniture Fitting to User/Workplace Mock-up Evaluation

Furniture Fitting to User/Workplace Mock-up Evaluation

The objective of the furniture fitting/workplace mock-up evaluation is to evaluate the workstation overall setup, desk, chair and accessories and confirm the best suitable workstation setup and furniture selection in accordance with the ergonomics principles.

An ergonomic workplace setup also reduces the musculoskeletal injuries due to improper furniture and overall setup; promote a healthy and comfortable workplace. It is also important that an ergonomic workplace can reduce the employee compensation cost, staff absenteeism due to sickness as well as the potential company medical cost on musculoskeletal disorders and other sickness.

The evaluation is suitable for any kind of workplace, such as office, manufacturing site, production line or registration counter.

Chim’s Ergonomics and Safety Limited assists your company to create a good ergonomics and safety workplace which creates high efficient, comfortable, good employees’ well being and high performance organization.

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