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8) Physical Wellness Program

Physical Wellness Program

Repetitive motion injuries are the most common type of complaint of general employees. Ideal workspace layout design, workstation adjustability, change of task or minibreaks and effective work injury management program are important strategies to ergonomic stress reduction and staff absenteeism management due to musculoskeletal injuries/ discomfort.

In the manual task or office workplace, there are certain things that can lead to fatigue, discomfort, pain or even chronic disease when you do them repeatedly or without breaks in an inappropriate workstation setup and workplace design. Now, please do a quick review of your health condition:

  • How often you physically exhausted after work?
  • Have you ever had any pain or discomfort during the last year that you believe is related to your job, workplace design and arrangement?
  • Which part of your body suffering from aches, stiffness, numbness or even burning sensations? Back? Neck? Shoulders? Forearms? Wrists?
  • How much medical cost due to improper workstation setup, workplace design and unhealthy postures?
  • How much the company may liable for compensation?
  • When was the last workplace risk assessment at your current work environment by trained ergonomics consultant?
  • Have you consulted ergonomics consultant to review your workstation setup and workplace design?


Please contact us at 852-3625 2024 or email to for enquiry about the Wellness Management Program.

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