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●  WELLNESS is the Soul of Human Resources
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Wellness management program aims to create healthy, supportive and happy work environment. The programs that help employees balance of their work, lives and the employees' own mental and physical health. A number of strategies can be developed to help employees realize their full potential. There are some components in the wellness management program:

1. Foster Ergonomics and Accessibility in the Workplace
2. Promote Stress Management
3. Promote Healthy Lifestyle and Food Options
4. Injury Prevention and Management
5. Organize Health Fair and Promotion Campaign
1. 提高工作間人體工學質素和工作環境中的適切性
2. 推廣壓力管理
3. 推廣健康的生活及食物選擇
4. 意外預防及管理
5. 組織健康推廣活動


In the workplace setting, repetitive motion injuries are the most common type of complaint of office employees.  Physical wellness program includes workspace layout design, workstation adjustability, change of task or minibreaks and medical management are important strategies to ergonomic stress reduction and staff absenteeism management due to musculoskeletal injuries/discomfort.



Please contact us at 852-3625 2024 or email to for enquiry about the Wellness Management Program.

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